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  • Jordana Borensztajn, Social Media Speaker

    Jordana Borensztajn is a social media strategist, speaker, presentation skills coach, humorist and author and Magician. Jordana’s experience includes being a News Corp Australia journalist, working as online music editor, content producer and social media manager at Nova Entertainment, writing a business-marketing book called Capture My Attention: How to Stand Out Online with Creative Content, performing two sold-out shows in the Melbourne International Comedy…

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About Jordana

Jordana Borensztajn is a social media strategist, speaker, presentation skills coach, humorist and author and Magician. Jordana’s experience includes being a News Corp Australia journalist, working as online music editor, content producer and social media manager at Nova Entertainment, writing a business-marketing book called Capture My Attention: How to Stand Out Online with Creative Content, performing two sold-out shows in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, speaking at corporate conferences around the world, and running a school’s program that explores online safety for students.

Jordana draws off her experience as a public speaker, humorist and journalist to help develop and enhance presentation and communication skills in others. Additionally, she combines her personal and professional social media and content marketing experiences, with her extensive industry knowledge, to help train, upskill and educate businesses of all sizes in the areas of social media marketing, content marketing and creativity.

Jordana speaks on the following topics:

Communicate with Confidence: Enhance Your Message And Engage Your Audience With Powerful Presentation Skills

Powerful presentation skills are essential in business yet so many of us are afraid of public speaking. Whether you’re presenting to clients, speaking internally, selling a product or pitching an idea, communicating with clarity and confidence is crucial. In this high-energy and hands-on keynote presentation, corporate speaker, humorist and former journalist Jordana will uncover seven key action steps teaching participants how to positively influence their audience and deliver their message in an effective, memorable and high-impact way.

You’ll learn how to control your nerves and transform fear into positive energy, techniques to bring out ‘the best you’ in front of an audience, and strategies to use your body language for maximum impact. You’ll also learn how to use storytelling to enhance your message and inspire your audience, strategies to create compelling visual aids, tips to boost the energy and excitement in the room, and methods to plan and prepare for success. To get an idea of what you get if you book Jordana for this incredibly powerful addition to your skill set please click here.

Reignite Your Work Mojo
Finding Inspiration, Motivation and Excitement in the New (New) Normal

As we recover from the turbulence of 2020, it’s hard to find the motivation to embrace this rapidly evolving world with excitement and grace. We’ve transformed and workplaces are different. While we’ve achieved an enormous amount, it hasn’t been easy. Returning to work seemed like a dream, but as we adjust to this new (new) normal, it’s challenging for employers and employees.

When we worked from home, we wanted to be at the office. As we return to the office, we miss the couch. So how can you find the inspiration, gusto and drive to collaborate, connect and perform at an even higher level than you did in the past, when we still face so much uncertainty?

In this fresh, fun and interactive keynote, we’ll deep-dive into how the workplace has shifted, the incredible benefits of the new hybrid world, and powerful strategies to embrace unexpected change with strength, resilience and enthusiasm. Importantly, we’ll cover tips and techniques to fill your cup internally which will fuel your work mojo. When we are enriched inside, it allows us to give more and grow more, helping us connect, collaborate, communicate, and create in new and passionate ways.

Capturing Your Audience’s Attention with Creative Social Media Marketing

In today’s noisy digital world, we’ve all become content creators. And brands and businesses and fighting for attention. So, how can you rise above the noise to create compelling content that will capture your audience’s imagination?

Leveraging the Power of Storytelling on Social Media To Strengthen Your Brand And Connect With Your Audience

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools brands and businesses can use to capture the attention, and connect with, their target audience online. But what does storytelling look like on social media?

Decoding the Next Generation

For the first time in history, four generations are working together under one corporate roof. What if businesses can learn to harness the power of the next generation and use it to their advantage?

Speaking the Right Social Media Language

Traditional ‘sales speak’ falls on deaf ears in social media discussions, so what’s the best way to connect with consumers, boost engagement and ultimately build brand trust, loyalty and community?

If your organisation is struggling with the fast-moving world we live in, or needs an insight into how to manage your next generation of leaders, she has the messages needed to kick start your company’s next phase of growth. To see Jordana inspiring her audiences with her unique insight into the new world we live in, click to take you through to her show reel, or contact ISG 1300 283 848 as soon as possible to book this amazing, inspiring woman.

Turning Fatigue Into Fun: Re-energise your Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings with tips and tricks to learn to love connecting online

We’ve all been thrown into a fast-paced and demanding 24/7 virtual world where connecting digitally is essential for business success. However, it’s not easy. Connecting through the screen, without human contact, brings new challenges and frustrations to the collaborating experience and things can get… complicated.

This high-energy, entertaining and interactive session is designed to tackle the online fatigue we’re all experiencing in a way that helps us laugh together and learn to connect in new ways. This jam-packed session will arm you with a new set of tools to not only help you inspire and engage your teams, but importantly, to learn to have fun while collaborating and connecting digitally.

Connect With Your Confidence: Virtual Presentation Skills Training

We are now living in a virtual world where connecting with our colleagues and clients online is essential in creating thriving business connections and collaborations.

Whether you’re pitching to clients on Zoom, running a weekly Microsoft Teams meeting, or hosting a Webinar for thousands, this jam-packed Virtual training program will upskill you and your team with an unshakeable public speaking foundation to deliver with confidence, authority and authenticity.

This tailored training will help you overcome your fear, build your confidence, develop strong presentation skills, identify your key messages, use powerful storytelling techniques, provide you with strategies to use your body language and voice for maximum impact, and arm you with techniques to plan and prepare for presentation success.

Don’t Believe Everything You See

This is no ordinary magic show. In this fun, dynamic, and thought-provoking show, Jordana will inspire you to think so far outside the box… it disappears!

Using a combination of magic, mentalism and stand up comedy, Jordana invites you to question everything you currently perceive to be true. In this highly interactive and entertaining act, Jordana shows us we are way more magical than we think. Through captivating mind games and illusions, Jordana demonstrates how using our imagination, belief and the power of wonder helps reveal the magic that truly connects us all.

What people have said about Jordana:

‘She really did her research, hit the brief spot on and took our day 2 of our conference to the next level. Her attention to detail was amazing, she engaged with numerous people in CUA to get the stories, information and lingo to make it feel like she was part of our team.’

‘Jordana is a very funny lady, had the audience laughing and achieved everything we expected plus more. I would highly recommend her for Jordana’s passion, attention to detail and most of all her great sense of humour.

‘The ‘pocket rocket’ that people instantly warm to, Jordana has the unique ability to take people out of their comfort zone and have fun in the process! Jordana was very professional, going above and beyond from start to finish. I would happily recommend her.’

‘The audience was actively engaged due to Jordana’s dynamic speaking ability and interactive presentation style. Jordana gave our audience immediately useful steps to take-away. True learning took place. The audience left feeling excited and motivated.’

‘Fantastic! Very engaging with great tips and great ideas and we loved the humorous twist. We felt so lucky being able to learn from someone with so much experience.’

‘Jordana’s presentation was inspiring and motivating. She captured her audience through energetic discussions, fun activities and witty anecdotes. Every member of the team took something valuable away. Jordana was a pleasure to work with from start to finish.’

‘Jordana’s amazing enthusiasm and energy throughout the day really allowed our team to leave our comfort zone and explore our real potential. Our entire sales team benefited from the workshop and had an absolute blast while doing so.’

‘Jordana’s high-energy and fun workshop was not only a practical way to help increase the confidence of team members who are required to present to groups both large and small, it was also a great team-building activity. The combination of tips borne of experience and the chance to practice what we were learning meant that the four hours just flew. Even the most nervous of participants enjoyed their chance to have one of the sparkly microphones in their hand!’

‘Jordana brought a fantastic energy to The Marketing Conference MC role. Her quick wit and ability to summarise and articulate insights from the day kept the audience highly engaged. Completely nailed the brief, thank you’



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