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Brent Sanders

Brent Sanders , ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: NSW, Australia

Brent Sanders has been providing seminars and training in the areas of Conflict Psychology, workplace harassment and discrimination throughout Australia since 1995. He has  presented to over 900 000 people both here and overseas, and currently presents to over 40 000 people a year.  He is the author of an Australian best-selling book, ‘How dangerous[…] Read More

Stephanie Woollard, Seven Women

Stephanie Woollard , , ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: VIC, Australia

I am passionate about creating enterprises with generous, talented people, which equip those who live on the margins to transform their own lives and become leaders in their communities. This creates ripple effects which in turn brings about real and lasting change. In 2006, after meeting 7 disabled women living in a tiny tin shed[…] Read More

Tracey Curro

Tracey Curro , ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: VIC, Australia

Highly experienced corporate moderator/facilitator and MC Tracey Curro began her career as a reporter on regional television in Shepparton, Victoria. A year later she returned to her home state to join National Nine News Brisbane as a reporter and weekend news presenter, before being head-hunted by Channel 10 to present Eyewitness News Melbourne and Ten[…] Read More

Adam Voigt - Education

Adam Voigt ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: VIC, Australia

If you are looking to run an event roughly the same as last year’s or to induce the same eye-rolling accompanied with most speeches about motivation, inspiration and ‘following your dreams’… well, Adam probably isn’t for you! However… if you are looking for a transformative, engaging and perhaps even provocative speaker who will plant the[…] Read More

Nathan Burke, AFL Speaker

Nathan Burke , , ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: VIC, Australia

Former AFL legend Nathan Burke played over 300 games for St Kilda, Nathan is now using the skills he learnt from elite sport and post sporting career being responsible for over 1000 staff members in the corporate World. “I’ve found over the years that too many people seem to allow the fear of failure to[…] Read More

Margie Warrell, Business Speaker

Margie Warrell , ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: VIC, Australia

Find Your Courage. Stop Playing Safe. Brave. The titles of Margie’s three previous bestselling books reflect her passion for helping people make braver decisions and lead bigger lives. Margie’s had to find her courage many times since growing up the big sister of seven on a dairy farm in rural Australia. Personal struggles, family tragedies, an armed[…] Read More

Graeme Samuel, Business Speaker

Graeme Samuel ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: VIC, Australia

Graeme Samuel AC is a corporate advisor with specialist expertise in competition and consumer regulation, communications and media, corporate governance, strategic planning and change management, public policy and dealings with government and regulators. Best known from his role as Chairman of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission from 2003 to 2011, Mr Samuel’s professional and[…] Read More

Wayne Berry, Sales Coach

Wayne Berry ,

  • Fee Range: $1 - $5,000
  • Location: , Australia

Wayne Berry is a renowned sales training, negotiation and sales management training expert, Wayne is also one of Australia’s top negotiating trainers. Wayne has been helping people all over the world increase their sales with integrity through his warm, sincere and easy to relate to style. With the development of the Online Sales Training Program[…] Read More

Peter Thurin, Speaker Business

Peter Thurin , ,

  • Fee Range: $5,001.00 - $10,000.00
  • Location: VIC, AUSTRALIA

Peter Thurin is the founder of blackbelt in excellence and has been empowering thousands of people from all parts of the world for over a dozen years. He is a dynamic, inspirational and professional speaker, program presenter, facilitator and mentor. He is an author and international business consultant. Peter is a powerful catalyst for business[…] Read More