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Dean Wells, Media

Dean Wells , ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: NSW, Australia

Dean Wells is undoubtedly Australia’s most controversial reality TV show contestant. Before being on Married at First Sight Dean ran his own successful creative content agency for 10 years. He is a talented designer and film maker who has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Coca Cola and Samsung. When he appeared in[…] Read More

Meredith Collins, Business Speake

Meredith Collins ,

  • Fee Range: 1 - 5000
  • Location: NSW, Australia

Meredith Collins is the founder of Video Social Marketing, an organisation which specialises in teaching business owners and entrepreneurs how to leverage the awesome power of video and social media for their businesses. Meredith’s specialities include developing strategic, measurable outcomes around social media and tying those KPIs and internal benchmarks into an enterprise’s marketing activity.[…] Read More

Danielle Di Masi, Speaker Business

Danielle Di Masi , ,

  • Fee Range: 1 - 5000
  • Location: NSW, Australia

Danielle di Masi is a speaker, columnist and trainer, passionate about assisting how a business is perceived by how its staff behaves and connects with its associates. Danielle has been a featured business expert for Cosmopolitan, The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, Yahoo Small Business, Dynamic Business and for Channel Ten and Channel[…] Read More