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Adrian Critchlow, business, entrepreneur

Adrian Critchlow , ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: VIC, Australia

Adrian is an experienced technology entrepreneur and investor who has started and built several extremely successful companies including Europe’s largest online hotel booking website, sold in 2004 after four years, delivering a 16 fold return to investors. Adrian was then founder of in 2006, a home energy monitoring system and leading technology innovator[…] Read More

Cameron Smith | NRL

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: QLD, Australia

Former Queensland and Australian Rugby League Captain Cameron Smith is the most decorated rugby league player in the global history of the sport.

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Jaquie Scammell, Business Speaker

Jaquie Scammell , ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: VIC, Australia

Jaquie Scammell believes everyone has a purpose. When people in business know what their value is, they contribute to the higher purpose of the business. The more engaged and happy staff are in the workplace, the healthier a business. What Jaquie stands for Why serve when we can inspire? My eyes light up when I witness[…] Read More

Michael Klim, Speaker

Michael Klim , ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: VIC, Australia

A multiple Olympic and World Champion, Michael Klim was part of the star-studded group that has taken Australia back to the top of world swimming. Named Australian Swimming Rookie of the Year in 1995, Klim won a bronze medal at the Atlanta Olympics. His star continued to rise in 1997 when he took the World[…] Read More

Andrew Sparks, Keynote Speaker

Andrew Sparks , ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: NSW, Australia

Andrew Sparks is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading Peak Performance and Mindset Coaches, and he is also the Founder and CEO of Australia’s leading Business and Life Coaching Company, Sparks Elite. Andrew entered the world of Peak Performance after living a completely un-resourceful life for well over a decade. After transforming his own[…] Read More

Mia Freedman,Business Speaker

Mia Freedman ,

  • Fee Range: 5001 - 10000
  • Location: NSW, Australia

Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted desperately to work in the media. She began doing work experience aged 19, became an editor at 24, had a baby at 25, another at 33, spent 7 disastrous months as a TV executive, pushed the eject button on her corporate career to start a[…] Read More

Michael Bergdahl, Business Speaker

Michael Bergdahl ,

  • Fee Range: 30001 - 40000
  • Location: , USA

Michael Bergdahl is a professional international business speaker, author and turnaround specialist. Bergdahl worked in Bentonville, Arkansas for Wal-Mart, as the Director of “People” for the headquarters office, where he worked directly with Wal-Mart’s founder Sam Walton. It was Sam Walton who gave Bergdahl the nickname, “Bird Dawg!”. In his speech, ‘Growing Your Business the[…] Read More

Russel Howcroft, Speaker, Business

Russel Howcroft ,

  • Fee Range: $10,001.00 - $20,000.00
  • Location: VIC, AUSTRALIA

Russel Howcroft is the Executive General Manager of Channel Ten and a nationally recognised face for brand marketing and advertising through his appearances on ABC1’s hugely successful show ‘The Gruen Transfer’. Prior to this role, Russel was Chief Executive Officer Australia/ New Zealand at Young & Rubicam Brands. He fell in love with the advertising[…] Read More

Ron Lee, Speaker, Business

Ron Lee ,

  • Fee Range: $5,001.00 - $10,000.00
  • Location: NSW, AUSTRALIA

Ron Lee, is globally know as “The Corporate Ninja”. Ron is a motivational humorist, keynote speaker, executive trainer and an instrument of inspiration. He studied at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (where Judy Davis and Mel Gibson trained) and was involved in the performing arts as an actor, director and theatre critic. Over the[…] Read More

Maria Carlton, Speaker Business

Maria Carlton ,

  • Fee Range: 1 - 5000
  • Location: , NZ

Maria Carlton is a multi award winning business person, author, and top selling author, who also works with and develops high calibre, award winning and high performing clients. Maria Carlton is a Business Transformation Specialist and Marketing Communication Coach combining her experiences, expertise, talents and skills from publishing, speaking, coaching, marketing, and brand communication to[…] Read More

Kirsty Dunphey, Speaker Business

Kirsty Dunphey ,

  • Fee Range: 1 - 5000
  • Location: TAS, Australia

Kirsty Dunphy is the author of the unforgettable Retired at 27 – If I can do it anyone can a true story outlining the business mistakes, successes and lessons that took Kirsty from having absolutely nothing to being retired financially free at 27. Kirsty’s story showcases that success is achievable and available to everyone regardless[…] Read More

Janine Allis, Speaker

Janine Allis , ,

  • Fee Range: 10000 - 15000
  • Location: VIC, Australia

Janine Allis founded Boost Juice Bars 14 years ago. Her desire to own her own business led her to look at the retail market and review what the market was lacking as a consumer. Janine and her husband Jeff trialed a number of businesses like publishing and touring comedians, but nothing truly got the business[…] Read More