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Tara Moss

Tara Moss , ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: OS, UK

Tara Moss is a bestselling author, documentary host, public speaker and human rights advocate.  Tara is also an advocate for people with disabilities and chronic pain.

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Sam Cawthorn

Sam Crawthorn , ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: NSW, Australia

Sam Cawthorn is the CEO and Founder of Speakers Institute and Speakers Tribe. Author of 11 books, including 5 International Best Sellers, he is both the Young Australian Of The Year and the Edupreneur of the Year. In 2006 Sam’s life changed forever when he was involved in a major car accident which left him[…] Read More

Rachael Leahcar - Musician

Rachael Leahcar , ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: SA, Australia

Singer/songwriter Rachael Leahcar’s dynamic range, explosive vocals and powerful performances have stunned audiences across the globe. Rachael smashed Australian television records and was nominated for TV moment of the year in the AACTA Awards when 4.1 million people tuned in to watch her Blind Audition on the first season of The Voice (2012). With a[…] Read More

Elizabeth Shoesmith , ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: NSW, Australia

Dr Elizabeth Shoesmith is on a personal mission to create a world where everyone is included and valued for their difference. It was after indirectly experiencing the exclusion and discrimination of her husband, who is profoundly Deaf, that she committed her career to inclusion. In fact you may even recall her viral wedding video, which[…] Read More

Sally Callie, Olympian

Sally Callie , ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: QLD, Australia

Sally Callie is a Triple Olympian, coach, educator , member of the Queensland Olympic Education Commission and disability advocate. This highly creative and powerful speaker delivers strong, passionate, and meaningful messages centered on meeting life’s challenges. Sally speaks to audiences, challenging them to look at their world from a new perspective and think differently about[…] Read More

Amanda Campbell, Health Speaker

Amanda Campbell , ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: VIC, Australia

Amanda has a passion to inspire and educate individuals to change their mind about what is possible in their mind, body and life. Believing that flexibility builds resilience, on her own personal journey of recovery, she has learned about the power of the mind-body connection. Achieving an integrated approach, she believes when given the right[…] Read More

Stephanie Woollard, Seven Women

Stephanie Woollard , , ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: VIC, Australia

I am passionate about creating enterprises with generous, talented people, which equip those who live on the margins to transform their own lives and become leaders in their communities. This creates ripple effects which in turn brings about real and lasting change. In 2006, after meeting 7 disabled women living in a tiny tin shed[…] Read More

Dylan Alcott, Motivational Speaker

Dylan Alcott , ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: VIC, Australia

Not many people can lay claim to being a Paralympic gold medalist and a World champion whilst still being in their teenage years, Then again, there aren’t many people like Dylan Alcott. Dylan Alcott OAM, a dual sport athlete, has represented Australia on the international stage in both wheelchair basketball and wheelchair tennis since the[…] Read More

Kurt Fearnley Motivational Speaker

Kurt Fearnley ,

  • Fee Range: $5,001 - $10,000
  • Location: NSW , Australia

Raised in the small country town of Carcoar, Kurt Fearnley has always been determined. Being born without the lower portion of his spine has never held him back, from backyard games of football to crawling along the Great Wall of China, he always has a go. Turning his attention to wheelchair sports in his teens,[…] Read More

Colin James, Education Speaker

Colin James ,

  • Fee Range: $5,001.00 - $10,000.00
  • Location: NSW, AUSTRALIA

Colin James is recognised as one of Australia’s leading Corporate Speakers, Educators and Facilitators. He works with an extensive array of clients throughout Australasia, the Asia Pacific, Europe and the USA… and has done for the last 24 years. Originally from South Africa, Colin arrived in Australia in 1982 and after some years in the[…] Read More