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Chris Riddell, Futurist

Chris Riddell , , ,

  • Fee Range: -
  • Location: VIC, Australia

Chris Riddell is Australia’s most sought after futurist, and an award winning, industry recognized keynote speaker on digital. He is also a renowned strategist and global trend spotter for businesses and leaders in today’s disrupted digital world. Chris is a regular commentator on television in the Asia region on shows such as Sky News, ABC[…] Read More

Dan Gregory, Speaker Business

Dan Gregory ,

  • Fee Range: $5,001.00 - $10,000.00
  • Location: NSW, AUSTRALIA

Daniel Gregory is the founder and CEO of The Impossible Institute™, a Behavioral Think Tank that advises organizations on what truly drives their customers, their teams and themselves. Creativity, collaboration, culture, change, innovation, sales, marketing and leadership are only a handful of topics Dan has tackled for corporations, small business associations, government departments and NGOs[…] Read More

Todd Sampson, Media

Todd Sampson ,

  • Fee Range: $ - $
  • Location: NSW, Australia

Todd Sampson grew up in modest circumstances. His father was a factory worker for Coca-Cola and his mother a checkout girl for KFC. While neither of them had any formal education, Todd entered university on full scholarship and eventually went on to complete an MBA by age 24. Todd was the national CEO of Leo[…] Read More