More than just a pretty face

More than just a pretty face


International Speakers Group, ISG

Many people underestimate the importance of an experienced master of ceremonies for their event.

It really can make or break the event and not having the right MC is often compared to steering a ship without a rudder. A professional MC will keep your event schedule on track and most importantly keep your audience entertained and engaged.

They have the experience of working with a run sheet and even helping you with your run sheet timings. If your budget cannot stretch to having an MC and a comedian at the event, there are many comedians who are also excellent MC’s, which will provide your event with a touch of both.

The other consideration is that your guest speaker engaged for the function may actually be more powerful while working with a professional host in an interview style; this should be discussed with the speaker and bureau during the booking process.

Many events now have sponsor involvement; you will find that your sponsors will feel a lot more love with regular professional mentions throughout the event via your MC.

No matter what budget you have to work with, we will have a professional MC we can recommend for your event.

Featured MC’s

Kerri-Anne Kennerley

George Donikian

Michael Roberts

Rhys Muldoon

Naomi Robson

Dean Jones

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